Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sitia 0.3 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
PDO Sitia Lassithi Crete

Pressed from Koroneiki olives grown on private land in the unique microclimate of Sitia in northwestern Crete, this extra virgin olive oil has an extremely low (less than 0.3%) acidity, gracing it with excellent aroma and taste. The world's most-awarded olive oil, Sitia 0.3 is used by numerous Michelin-starred chefs. Sitia and its surroundings provide an ideal microclimate for growing high-quality olives, and its oil is protected and promoted under the EU PDO classification.

The taste is mild, but the aroma is strong, fruity and slightly peppery. Excellent with most dishes, particularly with salads, potatoes, and grilled meats. Extraordinary green-yellow color and full-bodied texture.

Sitia Krya, organic and biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
PDO Sitia Lassithi Crete

In the mountains near the village of Krya in SW Sitia, the estate produces organic and biodynamic Koroneiki olives without the use of pesticides. In late November, the olives are selected and picked by hand and cold-pressed according to traditional methods. Rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients, pressed according to the highest hygenic standards. Its 0.39% acidity lends the Krya organic olive oil its unique and much-praised quality.

Strong fruit flavors, pleasant aroma without bitterness. Its golden-yellow color beautifully shines in the light.

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Boggioli Podere Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Toscano IGP Colline di Arezzo, organic

Boggioli Podere's refined yet robust Tuscan olive oil excels in its freshness, color, low acidity, and piquant finishing notes, the fruitful yield of over 15 years of care by the owners of the ancient Boggioli Podere estate, one hour south of Florence. A traditional mixture of the pressed fruit from the Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino olive trees, some hundreds of years old, which are grown without irrigation, pesticides or fungicides, using only organic fertilizer.

Harvest and pressing
The olives are harvested by hand during the first two weeks of November, carefully combed down into nets to avoid bruising, and then packed and transported within 24 to 48 hours to the local frantoio (oil extraction facilty) where the olives are weighed, washed and crushed. The resulting paste is centrifuged at 25°C until the oil is separated from other vegetal liquids.

This green-gold nectar returns to Boggioli, where it is kept at a constant temperature in sealed stainless steel containers with floats to prevent oxidation. The oil is bottled in 500 ml or 1 liter dark, UV-blocking glass and in 5 liter stainless steel cans.

Composition and flavor
Boggioli extra virgin olive oil is noted for its full, fresh olive and vegetal flavors, largely a result of its extremely low free oleic acidity of 0.1-0.2%, several times below the formal limit of 0.8% for extra virgin olive oil. Details can be found in the chemical analysis of Boggioli's 2012 pressing.

"…Intense, golden-yellow color, with traces of green, limpid. Full and intense nose, characterized by hints of artichokes, cardoons and aromatic herbs. The taste is soft and fruity, with distinct flavours of white apple, ripe banana and artichoke. The spicy, bitter aftertaste is very balanced and elegant. Perfect for hors d’oeuvres, crudités, roasted porcini mushrooms, 'blue' fish au gratin and grilled red meat." - L’Extravergine (Cucina & Vini Editrice, 2004)

Awards and recognition
Distinguished among its peers, Boggioli regularly ranks in the Tuscan Chamber of Commerce's top 20 olive oils and has represented the Upper Arno Valley for Slow Food Toscana. Winner ‘light fruity extra virgin olive oil’ at Festambiente (Grosseto) and selected for inclusion in the Andrea Zanfi and Feinschmecker culinary guidebooks.

Sotiris Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO
Androussa, Greek Peloponnesus

Our favorite olive oil comes from a small family producer in Androussa (Greek Peloponnesus) using Koroneiki olives. Each year between November and January, the Sotiris oil mill selectively hand-picks olives from its own estate, cold-presses them within 24 hours of harvest, and bottles the oil on site - sealing each bottle according to exact time and date of harvest to ensure consistent high quality.

Acidity levels are well below 0.5%, free of any chemicals or preservatives.

Fresh, fruity and mild taste, never bitter. Clear, yellow-green in color. Ideal for preparing cold dishes, sauces and marinades.

Gold Medal Winner, Athens Olive Oil Festival

Sotiris November olive oil

Produced during the first days of the harvest, when the olives are still ripening and yellowish-green. Deemed by Mediterranean connoisseurs to be the most precious crop of the harvest-season. Only select first-ripened Koroneiki olives are cold pressed, using a particularly gentle method.

A elegant, fresh aroma with a slight bite, November oil enriches any Mediterranean dish.

Naturally flavored Alba white truffle oil

Extra virgin olive oil naturally infused with macerated white truffle. Please see our truffle page.