Product overview: Spices and Spice Blends

Black Curry - Le Perle Noire

The latest creation of the curry house: Curry Black Pearl. Playing with colors and evocative flavors, our friends at Thiercelin have created this fabulous curry in beautiful black color - a development that disrupts tradition and excites the senses. Play with the combination of colors and flavors, creating sauces as dark as the night and flavors as intense as day, filling them with a constellation of stars: yellow potato, orange carrot, green beans ... A delicious mix out of the ordinary sauces and curries. Strong and charceteristic flavor notes with a natural and unique color.


Ideal for chicken, lamb and also vegetarian curries. This magic curry powder will naturally color your sauces, mayonnaises, breads, and burgers to a somber night - creating a nice contrast in combination with vegetables: carrots, potatoes, red onions, green beans, white rice... Amusing to young and old alike, a real treat!

Virtues and properties of activated carbon

Known and used since ancient times for its therapeutic qualities, this natural remedy has been used since ancient Egyptian times to treat cases of poisoning and to cleanse the body. Coal, apart from being a natural black dye has a strong absorption capacity, focusing on adverse toxic substances in our body. The activated carbon present in the black curry Black Pearl is from 100% natural clay.