Product overview: Rice, Pulses and Nuts

ATRY Gourmet Rice from the Himalayan foothills and beyond

We proudly offer ATRY's small production, high quality, natural and affordable rices. The family firm and leading importer combines traditional, Asian rice cultivation methods for the best, natural quality rice with thorough rice refining processes based in Germany to ensure the best polish.

Basmati - 100% pure, superfine Indian rice grown on the fertile Himalayan slopes at Dehradun, irrigated by rivers carrying melted snow from the mountains.

Jasmine - finest aromatic long-grained rice, unscented, light yellow coloration. Cultivated on the slopes of northern Thailand, natural aroma arises from the subtropical climate and unique soil conditions.

Smoked basmati - basmati rice smoked according to century-old traditional Persian methods. A perennial favorite in the Orient, this exceptionally enjoyable and excitingly flavored rice goes particularly well with fish.

Brown basmati - high quality basmati rice, unpolished but freed from outer husk, light brown in color. Particularly rich in nutrients and fibre, a typical, slightly nutty flavour.

Wild rice - an authentic wild rice, Zizania aquatica, which naturally thrives on the banks of northern American and Canadian lakes as well as the Mississippi delta. Rich essential nutrients and full aroma preserved through the natural cycle of growth and harvest, gentle drying processes and proper storage.